Proof of Achievement (PoAch)

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The Proof of Achievement (PoAch) system is a New Blockchain Consensus protocol for distributed networks resulting from the fusion of the proof of work (PoW) and the proof of play (PoP) protocols.

The PoAch system adopts the main features of Proof of Work (PoW) protocol: using the computing power of a CPU for the block validation process, with the difference that it doesn't need to use sophisticated equipment, thus minimizing energy consumption. Another element it adopts is the utmost security against attacks and cyber hackers due to the decentralization and military-grade encryption that is present throughout the Blockchain. In the second case, the PoAch system extracts the interactive element of Proof of Play (PoP), i.e., the protocol's ability to notify that the node found a hash once the user reached a goal through a video game. It will allow the block validation after the participant won in the game, which is confirmed by the rest of the nodes, thus allowing the block to become part of the chain. Examples: Motocoin, Huntercoin

In this way, the PoAch protocol consolidates a mechanism of consensus by competence, in which the work performed by a miner, and his ability to execute in a computer or any other conventional device, will be rewarded in a tangible way within a digital system once he reaches the proposed goal in a challenge. Therefore, whoever succeeds in completing the process effectively and achieves the goal, will be able to validate blocks within the Blockchain and generate a digital monetary unit.

In other words, the Proof of Achievement consensus protocol, through the interactive user-machine connection, sets a challenge with a moderate degree of difficulty, which will have to be executed and concluded adequately. The result propagated through each active node validating the winner and proceeding to prize the reward after confirming the block.

The human-machine symbiosis and the Internet of things[editar]

By human-machine symbiosis, we understand the synergy that people have with devices or artifacts. As years go by, technological advances exponentially accelerate the interaction between people and electronic devices, generating extraordinary projections with countless benefits and advantages.

The PoAch protocol exploits the potential of the human-machine symbiosis projections. Thanks to the increasing integration of the so-called Smart Devices to people's daily lives, it opens the possibility to be introduced as the most suitable application protocol for this type of device. In which people interact daily, and through the mining of digital assets can be carried out in a simple, safe, and multi-operational way.

The PoAch protocol is used by the following environments so far: Hash Race The Blockchain Game - Arian Blockchain.